METR - Workshop Results

Test Results from the 12 Workshops held in late 2021


ISO/TC 204/WG 19 held a series of 12 workshops to gain feedback from industry stakeholders. Participants included 47 stakeholders from 13 countries as shown in the pie chart.

We continue to seek input from others during our online development of the ConOps.


To facilitate input from stakeholders, ISO/TC 204/WG 19 hosted a series of public workshops; the slides and chat logs from these workshops are provided below.

Summary Points  

Date Start Time / Presentation Topic Details
28 Sept Presentation METR operations
focused on performance needs and constraints, operational modes, and the general process for distribution
5 Oct Presentation METR operational structure
focused on the roles and relationships among stakeholders operating METR
12 Oct Presentation Electronic regulation lifecycle
focused on the needs for electronic regulation creation, activation, and withdrawal
19 Oct Presentation Electronic regulation conflicts
focused on resolution of potential conflicts between physical and electronic regulations or jurisdictional regulations
26 Oct Presentation Vehicle operations
focused on driver assistance and driver automation technologies, and relating electronic information to the physical world
2 Nov Presentation Vehicle information needs
focused on the information needs and expectations of driver assistance and driver automation technologies
9 Nov Presentation Campus governance
focused on authorization, requirements, and responsibilities for universities, shopping centres, hospitals, and similar facilities
16 Nov Presentation Campus regulations
focused on regulatory processes, parking regulations, legality and enforcement for universities, shopping centres, hospitals, and similar facilities
23 Nov Presentation Roadwork and emergency operations
focused on evacuations, weather conditions, and work zones
30 Nov Presentation Multimodal and micromobility operations
focused on ridesourcing, sidewalk delivery devices, and kerbside usage
7 Dec Presentation METR deployment I
focused on regulator participation requirements, conformance levels, responsibilities, and encouraging participants
14 Dec Presentation METR deployment II
focused on needs for the transition to METR, archiving, recovery, and oversight


To better ensure that these standards address both today's and tomorrow's needs, ISO/TC 204/WG 19 continues to seek input from surface transport professionals and advocates to better understand stakeholder needs that should be incorporated into the METR standards. Specifically, ISO/TC 204/WG 19 is interested in hearing from stakeholders representing the following perspectives (recognizing that some stakeholders might fit into multiple perspectives):

  • Regulators
  • Transport users
  • Support providers
  • Third parties